25 Nov

Sticking Together on Small Business Saturday

There are nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States, organizations of all shapes and sizes built from hard work, innovation and the good ol’ American dream. Their energy, inspiration and pure grit inspire me every single day.     As the owner of a small business, I know how rewarding, yet exhausting, it can be to steer your own ship. There are plenty of days where it can feel like one of “the big guys” is overshadowing our strengths and capabilities, and truth be told, we may be right. Quick, name 20 massive corporations, then try to name 20 small businesses. Not so easy, is it? Even though there are more than 1,400 small businesses for every “large” one of more than 500 employees, it could be all too easy to feel alone.   Luckily, us small business owners have an entire day dedicated to our entrepreneurship, hard… Read More »