19 Jan

Your Logo is a Springboard, Not the End Game

It’s no secret that a good logo is key to solidifying your brand’s identity. Your logo is the visual equivalent of putting your best foot forward. A well-designed, memorable and expressive logo makes you stand out and leaves a positive impression on potential and current clients. It’s no surprise, then, that many business owners put a lot of effort into developing a logo first and foremost. But your brand development shouldn’t stop there. It’s not enough to simply reproduce that beautiful logo on your letterhead or make it your profile picture on Facebook. It takes proper formatting, complementary colors, the right font and more to truly make your logo work across your marketing collateral. Appearing as a cohesive unit is just as important to looking professional and organized as the logo itself. That being said, design services which don’t properly address your entire brand can hurt that reputation you work… Read More »
01 Apr

PARLOR Ink Exhibit

  Over the years, people young and old have used the art of tattooing to cast courage on one’s future, mock uncertainty, remember a loved one, and share individuality one tattoo at a time. It costs us blood, sweat, tears, and pain, yet we deem it a small fee for ink that will last a life time. As a veteran of the ink-game, Bayonne Tattoo Company is proud to host ‘PARLOR’ – A celebration of the art of tattooing; drafted on paper and marked on skin. This exclusive ink exhibit will feature works of published illustrator, Rob Jelinski and our very own tattoo/ visual artist, Andrew James. Join as we express our deep-rooted love for ink. Kindly RVSP