RJS recently had the pleasure of leading an advertising campaign to promote a local event featuring strongman, Steve Miller. Within the campaign, we tried to bottle Steve's super-human strength and energy. The design angled ultra-bright hues, abstract color blocking, and stocky typography to stand strong in the middle of it all. Advertising efforts spanned print marketing, digital ads, (geo-targeted) email marketing, and animated social media and messaging GIFs!


Steve has appeared on Ripley's Believe It or Not! where he held up a bungie jumper with his bare hands! His bare hands. Steve is also known for holding back 4 harleys as they peel out. (The videos are beyond belief) Redline youth decided to host a back to school bash to help translate Steve's story into it's mission "to inspire thousands of young people to encounter God and enter college and adulthood with an infectious relationship with Jesus, a love for the church, a biblical worldview, and a passion for success and influence."


  • + September 8, 2017
  • + By: Rob Jelinski
  • + In: Advertising
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