Stephanie 'Meenakshi' Lubalin is an entrepreneur focused on strengthening the core of her local, Hoboken community through Yoga and wellness training. Stephanie handpicked RJS to develop a symbolic logo mark of a purple lotus flower that would fully depict her vision and communicate the common thread of community and unified tranquillity, so central to her business. Our team accomplished this goal by carefully placing dots within the typography and a dotted axis encompassing the flower. The thin-line script highlights the services Purple Lotus provides while projecting the individuality of her audience which ranges from adults and children to children with special needs.


Purple Lotus Therapeutic Yoga and Wellness is dedicated to helping children (Special and General Ed) and all age groups on their journey to peace, tranquility, and living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle! They hold specialized, gentle yoga programs for everyone regardless of age and ability.


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