Branding a company toting the name "Love The Time" was no easy task. The typography was to be romantic, nostalgic, modern, timeless and welcoming. We sure had an undertaking on our hands. But here at RJS, we are always up for a challenge! Daniela and Cynthia are super-creative and had their own vision for the mark. We created their ideas on paper first then also presented a wild card design that Rob Jelinski, our Creative Director, couldn't shake. The ladies loved it and we developed various typesettings (horizontal, vertical, and a stamp) multiple colorways (to appeal to both feminine and masculine parts of their growing audience) and folded brochures worthy of the quality the team at Love The Time puts into each event.


With nine years of camaraderie and decades of experiences in planning & organizing memorable festivities of our own, Cynthia & Daniela launched Love The Time, a unique and personable event planning company passionate about creating celebrations!


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