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Recently we teamed up with KJ-52 to handle viral promotions for his new release, "Jonah." After reviewing design content already in place, we strategized how to artistically expand the LP visuals. We decluttered the main album photo and reworked it into a landscape format. Then we incorporated the Jonah tag (originally seen on the name plate of a composition book) and placed it on the blank, grey wall to highlight his talent as a graff artist. Our team varied the layouts with gaps of blank space or multiple slices of the image to illustrate the reflective tone of the project and this new chapter beginning for the rapper as an independent artist.


KJ-52 is a Christian rapper and Graffiti Artist from Tampa, Florida with a long list of street credibility. To name a few, he has won 6 Dove awards, holds the Guinness Record for the longest freestyle (with his crew), landed on a VH-1 moments slot for "Dear Slim" and his song "Tonight" played for Monday Night Football for an entire season. The list could go on.


  • + January 20, 2017
  • + By: Rob Jelinski
  • + In: Advertising
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