Ute Zimmermann, Founder of Gowanus Souvenir Shop, reached out to us to create a line of hand-stamped romantic + friendship cards for the canal themed boutique. After receiving the 4 sentiments of the collection, we brainstormed art direction, subject matter, and illustration style for the motifs fitting of "sailors and mermaids." The final result is nothing short of pirate treasure filled with GWNS anchors, tattooed biceps, and sharks in wait for your demise.


Located in the old box factory on Union Street in Brooklyn, The Gowanus Souvenir Shop is dedicated to this complex story of the canal and offers souvenirs that riff on the many facets of the canal’s mystifying and troubling yet often humorous and darkly fascinating history. For sale are a mix of in-house produced classic souvenirs that run the gamut of T-shirts, beach balls, temporary tattoos, postcards, lapel pins, snow globes, and shot glasses to artistic editions created by high-quality local-area artists. Additionally, the store promotes the abundant economy of unusual makers in Gowanus by featuring a rotating collection of objects with a conceptual twist, from furniture and vases made from trash, perfume, custom neon signs, jewelry, to locally grown starter plants.


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