Amazona Cocoa came to us with a great, quality product and untapped marketing potential. Eurice, the brand's founder, had recently refined the name and product line and now needed our expertise to oversee branding efforts and collateral. With started with the art direction (fonts, colors, and imagery) of the logo design being completed by an independent designer to ensure that the final mark summarized her fine flavor products in their full glory! Next we airbrushed a painting of Saint Lucia, licensed to Amazona by a well known artist from the Island, into various image ratios while maintaining the beauty of the original. Finally, we curated stunning product imagery and designed this folded, cardstock brochure to highlight Amazona's process of cocoa harvesting and roasting to goods ready to import.


Amazona Cocoa is a family-owned business specializing in "Tree to Bean to Bar" natural/organic cocoa and dark chocolate products including Cocoa beans, nibs, liquor/couverture, butter, powder and Assorted cocoa pods.


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