11 Apr

In The Over App

The week before the Beth Ellen typeface released, I contacted the design team for the popular mobile design app, Over. It was like talking to family from the first response. Lydia was the first to reach out. She had received my message and loved the design, purpose, and memorial to my mom. Her email was warm, genuine and filled with emojis and a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gif of them happy dancing that this font would soon be a part of the app! From that point on, I received many warm notes of condolences and gratitude from Cat, a content curator and members of the team- each was, of course, filled emojis and ended with a gif.     Visit Over’s Stories on Instagram to see the beautiful release   Today, as Beth Ellen releases in this new element of mobile design, I still can not find words to express… Read More »
20 Mar

2018 Design Trend Forecast

Design trends change just as often as fashion trends. Just like we look back at our ‘80s shoulder pads and our ‘00s trucker hats and cringe a little, we should feel the same way about our websites, logos and illustrations. If they look like they were made a decade ago, it suggests a business hasn’t evolved in the decade since — not a good look for attracting new clients. We felt inspired by recent Fashion Week in Paris and Milan to do our own analysis of the graphic design trends making their runway debut. Graphic design doesn’t exactly have a Fashion Week of its own, but trends in web and print design are nonetheless affected by the goings-on in the fashion world. Here are some design trends that we think will emerge — or even make a comeback — in spring 2018.   1. Text highlighting > bold and italics… Read More »
05 Mar

Beth Ellen

My mom was an amazing woman, naturally beautiful inside and out. She had great faith in God, great love for her family and people around her. One thing that many people may not know about her is that she was crafty way back in the 80’s before Pintrest before it was trendy. She nurtured creativity within me from a young age and always had a new craft project ready for me. So once I found out that cancer had become terminal for her, I asked her if she would do one last project with me. I asked her to write out the alphabet so I could make her handwriting into a font. I remember her saying, okay I can do that, but I’m not sure that anyone would want to use my handwriting? ‘Beth Ellen’ now available for download on (almost) all of the ’10 Best Places to Find Free… Read More »
19 Jan

Your Logo is a Springboard, Not the End Game

It’s no secret that a good logo is key to solidifying your brand’s identity. Your logo is the visual equivalent of putting your best foot forward. A well-designed, memorable and expressive logo makes you stand out and leaves a positive impression on potential and current clients. It’s no surprise, then, that many business owners put a lot of effort into developing a logo first and foremost. But your brand development shouldn’t stop there. It’s not enough to simply reproduce that beautiful logo on your letterhead or make it your profile picture on Facebook. It takes proper formatting, complementary colors, the right font and more to truly make your logo work across your marketing collateral. Appearing as a cohesive unit is just as important to looking professional and organized as the logo itself. That being said, design services which don’t properly address your entire brand can hurt that reputation you work… Read More »
25 Nov

Sticking Together on Small Business Saturday

There are nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States, organizations of all shapes and sizes built from hard work, innovation and the good ol’ American dream. Their energy, inspiration and pure grit inspire me every single day.     As the owner of a small business, I know how rewarding, yet exhausting, it can be to steer your own ship. There are plenty of days where it can feel like one of “the big guys” is overshadowing our strengths and capabilities, and truth be told, we may be right. Quick, name 20 massive corporations, then try to name 20 small businesses. Not so easy, is it? Even though there are more than 1,400 small businesses for every “large” one of more than 500 employees, it could be all too easy to feel alone.   Luckily, us small business owners have an entire day dedicated to our entrepreneurship, hard… Read More »
09 May


A few days ago, I won NeedToBreathe Tickets from Star 99.1. I’ve been a fan of their music for about two years now and I listen to their music a lot when I design. I’ve noticed the band’s art direction and design at many different times and that it was killer. When I found out I won a grand prize meet and greet and that the Bo Rinehart, Bear’s brother,  handed all creative as well as signing/ playing, I decided to do an illustration you see here. Needless to say they were even more amazing live and this is a really cool moment that marketing helped happen. Thank you Star and NeedToBreathe for the vibes. Enjoy the line drawing. – Rob Jelinski NeedToBreathe – Meet and Greet.     Photo Credit: LuAnn Schafer, Star 99.1
01 Mar

Increase Productivity

Hello Everyone- As the winter finally, almost ends, it’s time for each of us to continue to increase our workflow, efforts and productivity! Here are a few LifeHacks I use on a regular basis and ones I recommend to the clients I coach almost daily. Workflow – Process like-jobs, projects, and leads in blocks of time If you work with various types projects in your work (like most entrepreneurs) you will find that you need to organize your thoughts and time to make the best use of them. Grouping all of your art direction projects, social media captions, or sales responses together into one sitting helps you to strike while the iron is hot. Efforts – Find a Mentor So you are a hard worker and have a well-defined business and yet you don’t see as much growth and increase as you would like. What do you do? Try to… Read More »
24 Feb

Spring Design Internship

  We are proud to open up enrollment for our Spring 90 Day Internships!
 Our 90 day Internship program was created to equip eager design professionals with mentorship and work experience in the industry while helping them build their portfolio and develop their unique skillset.   SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, & EXPERIENCE – Eye for great design – Love of Typography – Understanding of Branding – Comfortable using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign – Attention to detail and timely turn around – Entry level experience as a freelancer   APPLY Send your portfolio link and pdf resume before March 10th to be considered *This is an offsite, virtual internship not limited by geographic location and requires about 6-8 project hours per week.     TESTIMONIAL The 90 day internship has been very beneficial to me as a designer. It is important to pay close attention to all details in a project to… Read More »
06 Jan

The Bell Of Entrepreneurship

  Yesterday, I had the honor of attending a closing bell ceremony with our community partner, Rising Tide Capital at the New York Stock Exchange. It was quite an experience to be in such a place of international commerce.   We were warmly welcomed by NYSE staff with gold, engraved name plates and then ushered off to an executive lounge overlooking Wall Street. Jim Byrne, Managing Director of U.S. Listings, gave a very insightful speech about our countries beginnings of trade and the wealth and goodness found in entrepreneurial dreams. As he so eloquently described the courage, determination, and tenacity it takes to be “the backbone of our country,” as an entrepreneur “risking it all, everyday, with nerves of steel,” I realized that he was not just speaking directly to me or just to Alfa Demmellash and Alex Forrester, but he was speaking to every single entrepreneur that has ever… Read More »
04 Jan


  Eight years ago, Rob Jelinski dreamed of building a thriving design studio- A company that would live boldly, love the work of our hands, and set trends! Today, that company is called Rob Jelinski Studios and 100% of the clients we provide creative services to are small businesses, startups, and growing entrepreneurs. We are proud of that and our very talented team of designers that help us we serve each one of our clients with high quality and affordable prices. We have a lot of fun doing it too! Shout out to our GIF designer, Julian Bracero for his skills on all of the RJS VIII Motion! Help us spread creativity today by sharing a photo of a project we created with you with the official trend #RJSVIII
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