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Hello Everyone-

As the winter finally, almost ends, it’s time for each of us to continue to increase our workflow, efforts and productivity! Here are a few LifeHacks I use on a regular basis and ones I recommend to the clients I coach almost daily.

Workflow – Process like-jobs, projects, and leads in blocks of time
If you work with various types projects in your work (like most entrepreneurs) you will find that you need to organize your thoughts and time to make the best use of them. Grouping all of your art direction projects, social media captions, or sales responses together into one sitting helps you to strike while the iron is hot.

Efforts – Find a Mentor
So you are a hard worker and have a well-defined business and yet you don’t see as much growth and increase as you would like. What do you do? Try to expand yourself and your network with a mentor! Find someone in your industry that you admire and try to connect with them. Message them on social to try to schedule a chat over the phone for 10 minutes or over coffee if you are local. Email asking to pick their brain on one topic (not five) or maybe even just intentionally talk with them about commonalities of your industry at that next networking event. You will gain bits of their experience and an outside perspective of your work that will prove priceless.

Productivity – Embrace a team mentality
Okay, you are great at what you do. Rockstar, even. But even the best can only reach so high on their own. But if you surround yourself with an awesome team, friends, or community, you will be bound for greater things! Embrace a team mentality today. Appreciate the talent of others and thrive on their successes and inspirations. It will do wonders for your journey.

Have a great month and please let me know if you have found these musings helpful!


Rob Jelinski



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