Beth Ellen

My mom was an amazing woman, naturally beautiful inside and out. She had great faith in God, great love for her family and people around her. One thing that many people may not know about her is that she was crafty way back in the 80’s before Pintrest before it was trendy. She nurtured creativity within me from a young age and always had a new craft project ready for me. So once I found out that cancer had become terminal for her, I asked her if she would do one last project with me. I asked her to write out the alphabet so I could make her handwriting into a font. I remember her saying, okay I can do that, but I’m not sure that anyone would want to use my handwriting?

‘Beth Ellen’ now available for download on (almost) all of the ’10 Best Places to Find Free Fonts’

At first it was just a way to enjoy our time together and not focus on the fact that I was slowly losing her day by day. But as time went on and I lost her, I started to envision people using her penmanship to write little notes to their children, grandchildren, and loved ones the way she no longer could. Now, one year after she went to heaven, I would like to share ‘Beth Ellen’ a simple, joyful handwritten font crafted after my Mom’s penmanship. This typeface was purposed for giving, so it is free to use for personal or commercial projects under the open source license. Our single request is that you help the legacy of Beth Ellen live on by sending a short note to someone you love each time it is used. Tell them you love them, encourage them to be their best, or send them a scripture verse.


I hope you all enjoy the font and share it with your friends and family. PS. please tag any photos of the font in use with the tag #MadeWithBethEllen



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